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From one artist’s passion to another, captivating the chef’s imagination through the lens of a vicarious evocatrice.

Content Creator

What does it mean to be a content creator? It’s using the tools you have to create a pleasing and aesthetic content for the public. The content has to contribute to a a platform with a specific target community. My motto is simple: I blog what I’m passionate about. This is how I choose my niche and started my book blog by reviewing books, because I always loved to read, to posting about my food photography journey on Instagram, because who doesn’t like eating good food?

Food Photographer

Food photography is one of the aspects of my life that came very naturally. As I try to better myself every day, food photography has become, slowly but surely, one of my favourite hobbies. It’s about creating and exposing my personal style through a lens. It’s about showing how I see the world around me and make it look interesting and aesthetic.


After finishing my major in Psychology and minor in Neurosciences, I now attempt to survive through medschool with the intent of learning even more about what surrounds us and what’s inside us. Even though medicine is perceived as the most impactful field in science, I still believe in the value of maintaining a strong focus in research. That is why I am also involved in research projects and successfully published several scientific papers.

Fitness Enthusiast

I have always struggled with discipline and one of the reasons why I love powerlifting is that the discipline and strength developed results in a healthy body and mind. It makes me feel more confident and forces me to do better than yesterday.


As a food photographer, I find it even more important to connect with your local community. Being able to partner up with restaurants and showcasing our own chef’s talent is a real honor and privilege.

Hobbies and Interests